Weekend Beats: Brown Sugar

Snowed in with grading here, even though it’s 70 degrees. Wacka wacka! More posts about books and school later this week, we promise.

In case you need cheering up as the days shorten and the cooler dark comes on, enjoy this pristine classic that you’ve sung and danced along to alone before (admit it), and also probably lied about having sex to (if you are over 25). As a fellow Virginian I can’t help but catch some residual pride off D’Angelo, and I wish the man well with his career’s evolution.

Summer gets sticky in the VA, especially in eastern cities like Richmond, D’Angelo’s hometown. Lucky for us that riparian mosquito-molasses vibe sweetens the song just right.

1.8 million “likes”? Should be more like 1.8 billion.


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