Crack is Whack

From The New York Observer a couple months back, an interview with/portrait of “The Last Crack Hipster.” Apparently crack was popular with the LES art scene and its hangers-on earlier in the 2000s.  Kind of makes sense: from what I’ve heard, it does get you real, real high.  And it’s edgy and all that, something new for educated white kids to steal.  Anyway, this piece is wonderfully written: the pop-docu-literary style, off-the-cuff but fully grammatical, works very well for the subject, and the writer, Spencer Morgan, does an excellent job of criticizing crack use (easy) without sounding like a self-righteous ass (not so easy).  Reminds me a bit of vintage Tom Wolfe or Hunter Thompson.  Done right, the New Journalism style (an inadequate word, but whatever) still gets it done, son.



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