It’s a Wonderful Life

TGR is a gigantic, sentimental sucker for this movie.  It only took my Dad about 10 years to get me to enjoy it.  What’s not to like, this time of year, when even the deepest cynic is prone to feel a little magic?  The masterful Everyman, Jimmy Stewart, the delectable Donna Reed (although she’s too skinny for TGR’s tastes), and Lionel Barrymore as one of the best villains of the ’40s.  Nothing wrong with some belief in human goodness.

That said, Bedford Falls doesn’t seem like a fun place to live.  Hence I give you this Christmas present, an essay I read every year to keep my mushiness in check: “All hail Pottersville!”, by’s Gary Kamiya.

To all my reading friends, may you have a wonderful, safe holiday.  See you ’round the way.



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