Weekend Beats: Wealthiest Gentlemen Only

I’m at home on this Saturday night watching the Warriors-Pelicans game and working on a few writing projects that just don’t want to get done. Maybe that’s someone’s version of the American Dream, but as an Angeleno, I often feel like I’m letting the city down on nights like these. I’m supposed to be out getting bottle service at some art gallery opening, or discovering a terrifyingly authentic taco joint in a sketchy corner of Echo Park run by tatted teenagers, right? But no, I am making breakfast burritos and cursing at the Warriors’s bench as it appears determined to blow a 10-point lead.

And that’s fine. I’m still a young man in America. “Indeed there will be time” for partaaaaying. Or there won’t be, and my halcyon days are behind me (or never were). In any case, the Internet can bring at least a piece of the hip life to my modestly appointed (read: mostly second-hand furniture, books as a decorating scheme, too many unframed posters on the walls) apartment. Classixx have long been one of my favorite DJ teams, and I’ve had the good fortune of seeing them perform a couple different times when I wasn’t expecting it. Their music is, simply, cool. It doesn’t try too hard to convince you that the dudes making it are virtuosos with record collections built to intimidate regular people. It realizes that people go to the party to have a good time, not worship the DJs.

And yet these guys are damn good. Few DJ acts hold up over the course of a whole album, but Classixx’s first full studio release, 2013’s Hanging Gardens, does. So if you’re at home dreaming of your misspent disco youth, I offer you Hanging Gardens and the song that first made me a Classixx fan, their Miami Vice-sleaze remix of Phoenix’s “Lisztomania.” Hell, maybe it’ll even inspire you (or me?) to go out into the night and stir it up!


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