An Endurable New Year to All

First things first: TGR will keep owning the blogosphere in 2014. Also, once I am back home in California (I’m visiting family in Appalachia now) and have access to my books, there will be a Kingsley Amis-themed post on hangovers, what with New Year’s celebrations being upon us and all. For now, the Reader gives you one of the greatest covers ever, The Slits straight neutron-bombing “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” in 1979. Yes, it is even better than the awesome CCR version. I knew Eastbound and Down was brilliant when they used this at the end of Season Two.

Enjoy the beats. Stay safe. Use that buddy system. Dress nice. Try not to kiss the wrong person when the ball drops. Or, you know, just drink enough that “right” and “wrong” aren’t words anymore.


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