Insurance-Ad News: Halloween Edition

Advertisements for a cut-rate auto-insurance company, The General, have been floating around California television (especially sports programming) for at least a half-decade. The similarity between their name/web address combo and our name/web address combo is problematic, given that by all appearances The General is a scam run by a Malaysian crime syndicate with contacts in the shitty-animation world, or perhaps a time capsule from the 1990s, or a student film shot on a repurposed porn set. What it actually seems to be, going by their website, is a regional insurance company that only has offices in Louisiana despite being chartered in Nashville, and which for some reason puts their creepy, cheap commercials on South Coast television.

Why the penguin? Why does he serve the little brother of George Patton and Yosemite Sam with such purpose? He’s almost as bad as this guy.


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