Weekend Beats: Heavy Petty

“In my younger and more vulnerable years,” I thought She’s the One (1996!), directed by Ed Burns, was a great movie. It was about urban adults having affairs and feeling big important emotions, like guilt, lust, greed, and envy. To a nerdy teenager going to Catholic boys school in the suburbs, this all seemed so authentic. It also starred Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz (and Amanda Peet, and Leslie Mann) at the heights (or at least what I thought at the time were the heights) of their lady powers. This was a serious film, and I was a serious young man.

So yeah, the trailer doesn’t necessarily age well (that voice over is baaaaaad), but the movie’s still pretty decent, and the song in the background holds up. Tom Petty did the score for the movie, and “Walls” is my favorite of his songs from the 1990s. Yes, I know he had some classics in the early 1990s, but I stand by my statement. Do any of those other songs have Lindsey Buckingham on backing vocals? No? I rest my case. Enjoy the weekend (and this weird Eastern circus-themed video that probably cost a shitload of money to make), folks.


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