Weekend Beats (Yes Can Do)

If you haven’t seen the YouTube series Live from Daryl’s House, do yourself a favor and watch as many of the performances as you can. Let me back up. You like Hall & Oates, right? If you don’t, stop reading and listen to this. All of it.  Then watch Live from Daryl’s House, which is basically Daryl Hall getting semi-famous-ish musicians and a bunch of brilliant hired guns to come up to his barn to play Hall & Oates songs with him. Think about that for a second. People come to Daryl Hall’s barn to play songs he wrote like 30 years ago with him. That’s respect, folks.

My favorite performance is this rendition of “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)” with Chromeo, an otherwise kind of silly band. But they just kill this song, and you can tell that everyone in the room (er, barn) is having a great time. This is what playing live music should be about. Hell, it’s what music should be about. Full stop. So go for this and enjoy your weekend, folks!


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