The Second Round

So this is the most amazing picture of Steph Curry I could find. He looks like he’s 14 and is wearing the execrable late-90’s to mid-00’s Golden State Warriors uniform. And yet this poorly dressed juvenile might be one of the best five players in the NBA right now. Sure, his defense is suspect (at best). And yes, his ankles seem to be made of overcooked linguine. And I’ll even grant you that some of the passes he tries to thread to unsuspecting big men are downright stupid. But he’s probably the best shooter I have ever seen. I say this as someone who’s been a Steve Nash fan since watching him play in Toso Pavillion for Santa Clara University.

I get chest pains when I start thinking about the series of fortunate events that had to play out in order for the Warriors to get where they are now. Hasheem Thabeet AND Jonny Flynn AND the once-good Tyreke Evans (in addition to a few talented players–Griffin, Harden and Rubio) had to get picked in order for Curry to drop into the Warriors’ lap. The team had to trade Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut, a center who was coming off one of the worst injuries I have ever seen (and what has turned out to be a string of awful ankle injuries too). They had to tank just enough last year to hang on to a lottery pick in this last year’s draft, which turned into the poised (and I think star-in-the-making) Harrison Barnes. They had to decide not to completely fold when David Lee tore his hip flexor. And they had to get lucky in hiring a coach with no experience, who just happens to be really well-suited for the job. And all of this had to happen in the wake of decades of ineptitude, terrible luck, and felonies committed by team personnel.

So forgive me if I gloat a little. The last few years have been an embarrassment of riches for Bay Area sports fans, but the Warriors succeeding might be even sweeter than the what the Giants and Niners have done. The Warriors will likely get housed by the Spurs, but I really don’t care. We will get to see Steph Curry shoot for at least another four games. Good enough.


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