Talk About Burying the Lede…

Gee, Wall Street Journal (via Yahoo!), you say the service at McDonald’s is terrible? I wonder why that could be. Maybe it’s because they pay next to nothing to the people who actually seem to understand why their business has problems. From the middle of the article:

Monica George, a McDonald’s employee in Brooklyn, N.Y., said she can understand why customers complain, and that there are frustrations on both sides of the counter. “Let’s say I’m in front at the register and the grill’s not pushing out food quickly enough. So you have to wait on food, and the customer is getting aggravated at you because you’re not giving them the food quick enough, and the grill gets aggravated with the cashier because we’re asking where the food is,” she said.

Ms. George, who says she earns $7.25 an hour, said one problem behind slow service and inaccurate orders is that employees are trained to do specific tasks and don’t always understand what other employees are doing.


McDonald’s shares have also rebounded since they took a hit last fall. In 4 p.m. trading Wednesday, they were up 43 cents at $101.49, near their record of $102.22 in January 2012.

Someone’s loving it. Just not the wage slaves who cook the food. Or the people eating it.


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