because LA is a great city . . .

. . . with a great newspaper, here are some tidbits from the Los Angeles Times:

♣ THE VAN NUYS PORN MURDERS: a fired performer goes on a rampage with a fucking sword—it’s like a Tarantino movie!

♣ How soon until everyone in California can publicly smoke some green Prozac?

♣ The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas just got resissued.  Good stuff.  But was he a twat?

♣ To reiterate, among its many accomplishments so far, the Obama administration’s stimulus HELPED AVERT ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION.   Do many Americans actually understand what a depression would have entailed?  Why are most of us so revoltingly ignorant when it comes to public policy?  Again, the stimulus worked! So why do only about a third of voters think so?

♣ God, I hate Jonah Hill.  His sole “comedic” talent seems to be that he looks like a confused, obese gerbil.  With him and Russell Brand, Get Him to the Greek will almost certainly be terrible.  But could Diddy be funny? (Since, you know, he’s been unintentionally funny for years.)

♣ HULK SMASH GENDER NORMATIVITY: it isn’t from the Times, but oh man is the Twitter account “Feminist Hulk” hilarious.



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