Stop Watching “Jersey Shore”

In fact, stop watching all reality shows.  While you’re at it, don’t buy any more tabloids either.  I know: you do it ironically, you “get it,” you’re amused by the vulgar antics of the famous and the wannabe-famous on the TV.  You’re doing this like an anthropologist, so you aren’t really helping to perpetuate this stuff.  Right?

Let’s be clear: if you spend any measurable amount of brain-capital looking at the celeb street-candids on Jezebel or buy US Weekly or ever watch VH1, you are supporting a toxic, wasteful, crude, insipid, culturally disastrous economy that runs on 1.) the stupidity of most viewers and all the performers and 2.) the layer of fake detachment with which a purportedly sophisticated minority consumes the shows.

Most pop tele-media is so boring.  It raises the total level of national shittiness.  Why do so many reasonably sane, intelligent Americans give it their money and time and energy?  Why nurse a hobby that makes you dumber?  Doesn’t that stuff just make you feel . . . fecal?  Just plain bad?

-whiny TGR, who watches a ton of football and baseball, and is the fully aware of the hypocrisy of this rant


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