The U.K. is killing its universities, too!

We know the script by now.  The putrefaction of the humanities.  The attempt to turn public institutions into for-profit adjuncts of the defense and telecom industries, overseen by wealthy philistines with the complexions of raw potatoes (Google “Mark Yudof”).  Increasing tuition matched by bigger, shoddier, haphazard lecture-hall “classes” where only the preternaturally determined learn anything.  From the symposium to the balance sheet.  The metastasis of bureaucracy, the general, mentally enfeebled, administrative top-heavyness.  And a public that, for the most part, just does not give a fuck.  I mean, what have universities ever done for civilization?

Anyway, the United Kingdom is accelerating its murder of education, albeit in a somewhat warmer fiduciary environment than California’s.  This article from the Times Literary Supplement explains the terrifying rise of Research Assessment Exercises, which are furthering the decay of humanities departments in British universities.  Yudof and his toadies need to step up their game: their fragmented, inarticulate, shambling, dark-of-wood-paneled-boardroom approach to destruction is simply less impressive, from a total strategic viewpoint, than the depraved efficiency of their Anglo counterparts.



One thought on “The U.K. is killing its universities, too!

  1. Yeah not to mention the fact that, before you even consider the research level, the UK basically makes you pick your undergraduate major when you’re 13, and that that track constitutes almost all your coursework during your 3 years at Uni.

    You should see some of the looks I get when I tell people in Mexico what I studied. I didn’t really put it together until recently, not quite like this anyway, that liberal education really is viewed as something for the leisure classes.

    That’s definitely true in the UK as well– from what I observed the closest you get to what we had as undergraduates in the US (the opportunity to dabble) is mainly reserved for students at Oxford and Cambridge. The other universities are all kinds of wrapped up in tracks and schemes and acronyms.

    Made me appreciate that a solid education is worth the decades of debt.

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