Pop Quiz

Someday I might write a monograph on boredom.  With this in mind, I’m conducting research with which I need your help.  Ponder the following:

Who is most boring: Ezra Pound (especially the Cantos), Toni Morrison, or Virginia Woolf (especially everything she ever wrote outside her Journal)?  They all have a lot to recommend them.  Pound is an awful stylist full of cruel, pompous ideas, Morrison’s novels manage to turn the fantastic and evil aspects of history into sleeping pills, and Woolf . . . well, it’s probably best to think of her as the inherited-money, drawing-room, imported-silks version of Joyce (also minus his humor, lustiness, egalitarian humanism, verbal inventiveness, and ability to write plot).

Please discuss amongst yourselves.  Bonus points for suggesting other snoozers (especially other sacred cows of literature B.A.s).



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